The Way of Christ | Experience + Express

The way of following Jesus in this world is to both experience and express Christ.

Christ is in all things and all things are in Christ.

Through the incarnation of Christ amidst creation we are able to experience God. He is experienced in nature (Psalm 19:1; Romans 1:20), and through humanity (Matthew 25:40). All of creation is held together by its creator; molecules of matter held together by God, a divine energy being the essence of life. All persons have been created in God’s image. All people are created uniquely with propensities, though much of it is misguided and expressed in sin, is an echo of a divine fingerprint; dreams, desires, impulses, personalities, etc.  

Always seeking, always learning, always growing

All people are on a spiritual journey, whether they realize it or not. Christ is at work throughout the whole of humanity. It is tempting, as a christian, to feed self ego with a sense of superiority over those who don’t hold to a certain set of beliefs. This hinders the christian from seeing Christ and from building relationships. 

For the follower of Christ, there is humility, an awareness of being finite; having limited perspective in light of an infinite being. This is to trust in God above our own belief. When we are humble, we are more aware of our shared experience in humanity. We begin to see Christ at work through the life of the muslim, the atheist, the gay couple, etc. A follower of Jesus experiences Christ through all of creation; they are teachable and able to receive from everyone. 

Embodying Christ

As a disciple of Jesus, It is my vocation to make Christ known. By “make known” I mean more than speaking of Christ, but to be a way of experiencing Christ. Others experience the incarnation of Christ as I walk in His ways; and these are modeled for us in the person of Jesus. Consider His acts of compassion, hospitality, mercy, kindness, honesty, grace, etc. As a follower of Christ we should seek, at all times, to relate as Jesus, to all people in our lives. 

Relationship is essential in expressing Christ. God is experienced through relationship. Enemies experience Christ through blessing. The prostitute, filled with shame, experiences Christ through acceptance and mercy. The outcast experiences Christ through being embraced. God is love and through relationship love is experienced. This is more than reading about a man dying on a cross, it is a present expression of Christ through people laying down their lives for another. 

A Journey of Love

Let us not judge merely by the perspective of man, leaning on the wisdom of this world. Rather, let us look to Him who sees what is unseen. This Divine Love is a transformative love; bringing us into union together with Christ. It is a deep mysterious work that happens from inside out. This calls for a quiet trust, a contemplative waiting, for an enduring hope.

Zack Roberts —
Operations Director of Ember

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