Reading the Letters in Red

What does God consider important issues to confront in the Church today? What does God approve of in the church and what does He disapprove of? How is He asking us to respond?

A friend of mine once told me that the biggest take away he had from reading Revelation 2-3 is that his opinion doesn’t matter. Jesus is the Righteous Judge. He has the final say; and His opinion is really the only one that matters.

Before I started to study the subject of Eschatology, the lord pressed upon my heart to read through revelation once a week for a few years before I read any commentaries. To be honest, for the first while I would skip over chapters 2-3. I thought they were boring compared to the crazy vision of the rest of the book. I felt convicted for doing that however, and started to really read them. They are comprised of 7 letters from Jesus to the early church. I fell in love with the words in red.

We have a canonized account of Jesus speaking directly to His Church after it had been established by the apostles. He communicates very clearly what He loves in the Church and what He hates. Amidst all the debates and fractions in the Church, God communicates what He considers important.

Jesus affirms devotion, righteous works, discerning truth, and perseverance through persecution. He calls out specific areas of sin (sexual immorality, idolatry, complacency, tolerance of immorality, lacking love, etc), warns of coming judgement if there is no repentance, and motivates with revelation of Himself and eternal rewards.

These are Jesus’ words to the Church. The issues that the Lord addresses in these seven churches are prominent in the Church today. Since these letters were written; God’s opinions have not changed. The way He disciplines His people has not changed. How we are to respond has not changed. What is the prophetic word for the Church in our present day? Let us look to the letters in red. Jesus is speaking. Are we listening?

Zack Roberts —

Operations Director at Ember

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