God Died (Revelation 1:18)

 I am He who lives, and was dead, and behold, I am alive forevermore. Amen. And I have the keys of Hades and of Death.


Jesus is God and He came to the earth as a man. Humanity has been under the curse of death; which no man has ever escaped. Jesus, as a man, was overcome with death and was placed in a tomb. He went to the depths of darkness. From the pit Jesus took authority over all that pressed and pulled Him down. He rose from the grave in a resurrected body; a human body not under the curse.

It is amazing, though not surprising, that God would possess the keys of authority over death. Jesus, however, came to the earth as fully man. God came under the curse on humanity. God came and died. Wait, what! Just think for a moment. The everlasting, eternal God, died. He turns our logic over on its head. God becoming a man and dying will fill us with wonder for all eternity. Seriously, it should hurt our heads trying to understand it. Then even before we start to wonder; we are struck with yet another glorious surprise that leaves heaven spinning and the redeemed rejoicing. A man has authority over death. A man possesses the keys. This is the deepest darkness and man has overcome it.

This was the only solution for the crisis of death on humanity. Only God could overcome death; so He became a man and came under the curse. The death that man brought to the earth through sin engulfed Him, but He was without sin so death had no hold. With the keys in His hand, Jesus stands as the gateway for eternal life. through Him we can find freedom from its grasp.

Zack Roberts — zackroberts.blog

Operations Director at Ember

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