The Holy Spirit Guards and Affirms Strategic Spiritual Seasons (Song of Songs 2:7)

I charge you, O daughters of Jerusalem,
By the gazelles or by the does of the field,
Do not stir up nor awaken love
Until it pleases.

In the Shulamite’s journey, she has been led by the Lord into a focused season of sitting under the apple tree with Him. This is where she is devoting most of her time and energy; as she learns to say “no” to other things and grow in intimacy with God. Jesus is healing and establishing a foundation in her heart.

The “daughters of Jerusalem” speak of believers that lack discernment of the Holy Spirit’s leading of the heart through different seasons of life. In these seasons, many well intentioned voices in our lives challenge our devotion. Like the story of Mary and Martha; others view these seasons of devotion as lazy, but the Lord greatly esteems sitting at His feet.

The Holy Spirit speaks to the “daughters of Jerusalem” about how to relate to the Shulamite. By “the gazelle or does of the field” expresses relating with gentleness and grace. gazelles and does run with grace and elegance. They are beautiful creatures with soft and gentle features. This season of the believer’s life is often vulnerable and requires sensitivity to what the Spirit is doing in his/her heart.

In the next chapter we see the Lord Himself awakens her heart; calling her out of this season. We can trust the Lord to lead our hearts and the hearts of others. His timing is perfect and He knows how to best mature our hearts.

Zack Roberts —

Operations Director at Ember


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