Deep is Calling out to Deep (Song of Songs 2:5)

Sustain me with cakes of raisins,
Refresh me with apples,
For I am lovesick.

While the Shulamite was at the “wedding table” with the king, a deeper longing is awakened in her heart. In the Lord’s presence, the depths of our hearts call out to the depths of His heart. It is as though God is an endless supply of water and we are vessels with an endless capacity to contain this water. We were created to be filled continually with the knowledge of the Glory of God. He is unsearchable yet we were created to search Him out. We don’t just get filled and move on. there is always more. This is why we are satisfied, yet longing at the same time.

We are sustained and refreshed through intimacy with Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Since raisins are dried grapes, they speak of the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Grapes are symbolic of the wine of the Spirit. Apples come come from the tree that speaks of Jesus in vs. 2:3.

We are called to be lovesick for God. This is a deep and even painful feeling of longing and love for Jesus. When we touch this aspect of love in this age, we are ruined for anything else. Nothing else will satisfy besides Jesus. This ache causes the believer to be consumed with a driving hunger and an intensity to persevere. Consumed by a vision of love, they are filled with the joy set before them, even as they walk through trials. This ache can not be conjured up by our own ability, it is a work of the Spirit in our hearts. As we discover the beauty of Jesus, we are awakened. Jesus said that we would mourn for Him as a bride mourns for her bridegroom who is away. He also said those who mourn are blessed and will be comforted; as those who hunger will be filled.

Zack Roberts —

Operations Director at Ember

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