The Security of Being in the Hands of God (Revelation 1:16a)

He had in His right hand seven stars,

Later we will see that the seven stars are the angels assigned to each of the seven churches. The word for angel can also be interpreted as messenger. The stars stand as representatives of the church in the courts of heaven.

Jesus holds His Church in His right hand. In prayer, I have found comfort and confidence in meditating upon the implications of being in Jesus’ right hand. It changes things to Know that the strongest man in the universe is holding you with love and tenderness. Who or what could overcome you when God is for you and with you?

These are the same hands that were pierced for you and me. He holds us in His mercy; though we stumble in sin, we are found in the security of His cross.

We can be confident in His sovereign hand. Though the world is shaking, we are in the safety of His hands. He is a refuge and a protector.

The right hand often expressed favor. Fathers would bless their sons with their right hand. We are in God’s favor.

Zack Roberts —

Operations Director at Ember

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