Jesus’ Response to Our Devotion to Him (Song of Songs 1:15)

Behold, you are fair (beautiful), my love!
Behold, you are fair (beautiful)!
You have dove’s eyes.

The Shulamite has just expressed her love and devotion to the king. Like the King, in this song, who is speaking to the Shulamite; Jesus speaks to us. Can you hear Him speaking to you in response to your devotion to Him? Can you feel the affections in His heart when you express gratitude and love towards Him? When we connect with this reality, we will desire to love Him with our lives all the more. To know that He does not just put up with us, but He really enjoys the relationship is a powerful truth.

He declares her beauty and exlaims through a second declaration, “you are beautiful to me.” The Lord sees our worship as beautiful. Even in our weakness. Even when we don’t feel it. Our praise is like a pleasing fragrance to Him, every time.

Rejoice in the Lord, O you righteous!
For praise from the upright is beautiful. (Psalm 33:1)

He proclaims and affirms our identity. He says “you are my love.” We belong to Him, as a bride being prepared for her bridegroom. We are the apple of His eye; the object of His affections. His love for you defines you. You can do many great things and fail in many ways; but who you are will not change, because the one who defines you by His love for you never changes.

Doves are known for their loyalty and their single vision. They typically have only one mate in their lives and their eyesight is narrow. Jesus sees our devotion as single devotion. Though we are distracted in our immaturity, He calls forth what is growing in the maturing process. He sees our desire to be wholly His and says that it is real.

Zack Roberts —

Prayer Director at Ember

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