Jesus Adorns the Believer with Beauty (Song of Songs 1:10)

Your cheeks are lovely with ornaments, Your neck with chains of gold. 

The king continues to declare the beauty of the Shulamite using agricultural poetic language. Jesus Calls forth beauty in the heart of the believer, even in their immaturity. He sees deeper than our brokenness. 

Emotions can usually be discerned in a person’s cheeks. Jesus sees our emotions and says that they are adorned with ornaments; that they are beautified through His gift of redemption. He sees the Godly sorrow that we have over our sin and the tears of longing for Him. He also sees and delights in the joy we experience in His presence. Even the righteous anger we feel over the injustice around us is beautiful to Him. 

Often times God referred to Israel’s disobedience as “stiff necked;” unwilling to submit their will to Him. Jesus looks into the heart of the believer and sees a “yes” of obedience. He knows that our spirit is willing, but our flesh is weak. Even though we stumble many times, He sees the sincerity. He sees the ache to love Him with our obedience. He adorns our weak yes with divine grace. By His blood He covers us with mercy, and through His spirit He empowers us.  

Written by Zack Roberts

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