Jesus Calls Forth Identity (Song of Songs 1:9)

I have compared you, my love, To my filly among Pharaoh’s chariots. 

The Shulamite, a few verses back, has realized that she is dark, but also that she is lovely to the king. She sought him out, in her weakness, because she felt desired by him. In agricultural language he beautifully responds to her in describing what about her is lovely to him. This is Jesus relating to us in our darkness. When we are made aware of our weakness and immaturity, we can be confident in the Lord’s desire for us; causing us to seek Him out. When we find Him, He does not scrutinize or criticize. Knowing our frailty, He speaks graciously to us. He empowers us to walk in maturity. 

He calls us “My Love.” Through every season of the soul, this is how He defines us. This is how He relates to us. This is our core identity. You are loved by God and a lover of God. Every day I declare this with my mouth, irregardless of what I feel or what I have done, because this is truth. Above all the other voices and opinions of you, let the voice of Jesus shape who you are and the decisions you make. 

The “filly among the Pharaoh’s chariots” were some of the finest horses in the land; known for being strong and stately. They were used primarily by royalty and were very costly. We are very costly to Jesus; He has purchased us with His own blood. Jesus sees into the depths of every heart and calls out strength and royalty to all that look to Him. Each individual is unique and stands out to Him. 

Written by Zack Roberts

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